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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 21 V day Boycott

Day 21 Of the V-day Boycott Challenge - ITS NEARLY FINISHED PEOPLE!

A picture of a person who inspires me & my cell phone ring tone.

I love Stephanie Meyer who wrote Twilight while being a stay at home mommy and having no idea if her work was ever good enough to be published. As I am at home right now with my babies even though I love them dearly it can be extremely draining....So I tend to dream big when thinking of the school days to come.


Stephanie Meyer Time Magazine
What advice do you have for other women raising families at home who want to branch out and achieve something like you have done? —J Gibbons ALEXANDRIA, VA.

Go for it! I didn't plan to start a new career when I did this, and it took a lot of courage to send out those query letters. I sent 15, and I got nine rejection letters, five no responses and one person who wanted to see me. If it's something you enjoy, put the determination and will behind it and see what happens.

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