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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Today is Valentines day and yes all month long I have taken part in a boycott... This isn't because I am a bar humbug. Do I hate Valentines day.. not at all. Was I surprised and appreciative when my husband this morning woke me with  a hug and gift OF COURSE.
Having said that I don't put emphasis on those things my husband tells me most days he loves me and so he should, as I tell him & my children the same thing.
Shouldn't people feel loved and cared for everyday rather then once a year? Does hallmark make you feel more loved? really think about it because I doubt it.
People should show signs of affection because they want to not because corporate America tells you to.
Let me tell you this much if I only felt loved one day a year I would be leading a dismal life... society needs to stop thinking about how much this day has been hyped up and think about what they have in there life year round.
Because honestly I found it so sad today how many single people I heard complain they hate this day since they didnt recieve a gift. HELLO REALLY,
If its that important go buy yourself something... but to say you hate the day over lack of gift I think it proves my point....

LOVE, COMPANIONSHIP, FRIENSHIP... those are whats important and if you feel you have that in your life you do not need a fat cat to tell you so.

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