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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my poor bugger all spotty on Twitpic

my poor bugger all spotty on Twitpic

Jacob has had a rough week... he had this horrible rash all over his body so we took him to the doctor. She said it was a allergic reaction to something he ate or drank, so the question is what did he eat? Well I totally spaced I had no idea, I mean the kid is a human hoover hes always eating something. All I could tell her is nothing out of the norm so she said "well mommy you need to keep a food diary until you find out" HA! okay that may sound easy but well it isn't Jacob is so sneaky when it comes to food especially the treats lol.
So I have been like Inspector Gadget this week keeping up with him :) Just another job to add to the long list a wonder mom can do! Getting him to take his medicine is another story he gets hysterical I practically have to sit on him its a huge hassle... "mommy its so disgusting mommy" but the kid can sit and eat sour patch kids? go figure.

I really think I've narrowed it down though I have a suspicion Capri sun maybe be the culprit.. GO ME.

On the up side his Heart doctor appointment went so great so that's one less worry!! :)

High fives to all you mommies with sick 4yr olds right now, I feel your pain hahahaha

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Unknown said...

:( hope he feels better soon