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Monday, March 28, 2011

Protest in London

I am so proud of the 250 thousand people who marched in protest against the British Parliament we have right now, I have to wonder who would even vote these people in power. I was gutted when I first heard and I am even more gutted to see what they are doing to my country. Its being run by money hungry rich people who have no idea what its like to be a working class member of society. School teachers, nurses and students all marched through central London and rallied in Hyde Park, one of London's biggest public gardens, with banners another group burned a giant model of a Trojan horse made by art students and dragged into central London.

Britain is facing 80 billion pounds ($130 billion) of public spending cuts from Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition government as it struggles to get the country's large budget deficit under control. The government has already raised sales tax, but Britons are bracing for big cuts to public spending.

As many as half a million public sector jobs will be lost, about 18 billion ($28.5 billion) axed from welfare payments and the pension age raised to 66 by 2020, earlier than previously planned.
Help for the elderly, disabled and students are all being cut, medical care is threatened to be all privatised.

This is the toughest cuts to public spending since World War II.

After the country spent billions bailing out indebted banks, and suffered a squeeze on tax revenue and an increase in welfare bills, Treasury chief George Osborne has staked the coalition government's future on tough economic remedies.

Its a disgrace and I honestly hope the people are heard!

Photos' by a friend of mine - Katie Whyte

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let down by Lazy people!

I made it a goal of mine to make it through lent with out negativity. I have been trying so hard with this but it only works up to a point, I am so livid I could hardly sleep last night.
My little girls baptism is coming up in June when my parents will be here. In my mind this was going to be an easy joyus task. hahahahaahahaha yea right!
So in order to be a god parent you have to get a letter of sponsorship from your local priest. It should be a pretty easy task. We tell the godparents to do this weeks ago...bare in mind I feel it should be an honour if somebody askes you to be godparent, So why is it i'm chasing for this to be done! GRRRR.
Now I am out a godfather! YES yesturday the guy says the priest would not give him the letter..umm why you wonder? ok let me tell you

He hasnt been to church in a long time and instead of making an appointment with the priest and saying ok what do i need to do in order to be godfather I'm willing to do what it takes to be godfather.... he gets his mom to call from like 5states away, didnt even talk to the priest himself and is wondering why he cant get a letter... BECAUSE THAT JUST HAS COMMITMENT WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!
I am so upset by this maybe I should be relieved that I can see before what kind of godfather he would be but I cant help but feel insulted. Really you wasnt able to do this small task for my daugther? a child you claim you care for? I mean seriously I am not asking people to climb mountains here how selfish can one person be! If you didnt want to be a godparent or have time to invest you could of just said but this I just find very insulting and hurtful and I couldnt be more upset for Sophia... My beautiful child deserves to have good people around her who love her and are willing to do things for her.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pet Peeve

Let me talk about my pet peeve, people who go out in there pj's and am not just talking about running to the mail box. Seriously why do people think this is OK it really isn't! I understand sometimes we are sleepy have no energy etc, but really is it so hard for us to throw on a pair of sweats? Honestly I find it really disgusting let me put it like this NOTHING SAYS "I DIDN'T WASH MY ASS TODAY! more then a person in pj's its like a neon sign which tells people you fell out the bed didn't shower and now are outside in your pj's.

Whats worse? not only pj's but taking it one step futher... check out the right of this pic!

I am mortified to think somebody would think this was ok in the supermarket!!!!!!
Please don't do it! I actually think people should get a ticket or something lmao

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent, Help and books

I have not Blogged since the 8th! shame on me lol. BUT I have been busy its lent and I have been making an effort to look at myself and working on things that need changing.
We have been doing a "rice bowl" which is a box that we put money into, the money is what we save by having one less coffee a day or one less happy meal in my son's case for the duration of Lent.
Its a very nice idea because the money goes to hungry children in countries like Honduras and Haiti as well as U.S.A. Of course I personally love this idea since my husband is from Honduras so he knows first hand the struggles there. AND the shocking fact I discovered was 1 in 5 children in the U.S.A don't know where there next meal is coming from. You can get involved too click here to help

Moving on:
Books!! I recently read

Kristen Miller: The Eternal ones

A story of multiple reincarnations of personalities who can't let go of their past. As they live each life, they strive to alter events somewhat to succeed better at their goals of love, greed, or power in a future life. Haven Moore is a high school senior who has had visions of previous lives since she was a small child. Her strict, religious grandmother and guardian insists that she is possessed by demons. Haven believes she is being driven to find the current reincarnation of her true love. The teen is a fine seamstress and has saved $12,000 making prom dresses with her gay friend, Beau. As her small-town world closes in around her, she decides to make a run for it to New York City, where she has seen the love of her lives come back in the tabloids

 I liked this book a lot it wasn't just a simple love story, it was also full of twist and turns! The mystery kept you guessing through out the book. Although the first 150 pages are just about Haven I loved learning about her shes such a great character and Beau was my FAVORITE! hes totally awesome.
I love the deep south vs NYC style of life and all the history of Iain and Haven's past life.
The ignorance of snope city and Havens grandmother got me kind of mad, I wanted Mae Moore to grow a back bone! I just hope in this day and age not many people are actually like that..

Pittacus Lore:  I am number 4
I Am Number Four follows the story of John Smith, a 15-year old alien from the planet Lorien, and his guardian, Henri, as they run from the Mogadorians, another race of aliens that are hunting down John and the other eight teenage Loriens, who all make up the Garde, living on Earth. The Garde consists of all Loriens who have special Legacies and powers. The teenagers are protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order. John is Number Four

I saw the trailer for the movie before having heard of the book, but since I always like to read the book first that's what i did.

I enjoyed the book I liked the John and his relationship with Henri... I liked Sam and Sarah even mark at the end, however no one made me feel like "wow" Well maybe the dog lol he was cool.

This book was interesting, a good read, sort of reminded me a little of the host by Stephanie Meyer. It wasn't exactly a fast pace page turning read but it had its moments... The fight chapters where pretty well written. I even shed a tear at the end!!
I did enjoy the book I just felt maybe there was something missing.

I give both books a 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Work Out

OK so I have been saying I wanted to get in shape for 5months now.. I cant keep using the "I've just had a baby excuse" As much as I would like too!
BUT I am a busy mom of two children with lots to do during the day. Not to mention I have extremely bad will power and motivation when it comes to exercise I start off well but it kind of dies away.
WELL my good friend Samantha told me about these awesome free work out video's shes been doing on YouTube by SPARK PEOPLE.
It turns out Spark People have a website its FREE, you can do the diet and exercise plan or just take tips from it. The video's are maybe 15minutes long ITS AWESOME! I mean even I can find 15minutes in my day.
I thought this find was too great not to share.... here is to the Bikini body in me yet! woo hoo.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Halo alexandra adornetto

Angel Bethany Church and her heavenly siblings Gabriel (yes, that one) and Ivy have been sent to a small town on a vague goodwill mission. Bethany’s territory is high school, where she tries to blend in despite her ethereal glow and blissful naïveté. Soon she is swept up into a chaste romance with impossibly good boy Xavier Woods while being tempted by a potential demon, Jake Thorn. Jake shows his horns by engineering the suicide of Bethany’s classmate, and the forces of heaven and hell predictably clash. But when Bethany’s and Xavier’s lips meet in a kiss of true love, Jake is flung back to hell.

My Opinion:

When I heard Alexandra was only 17 at the time of writing this book I truly didn't know what to expect. Wow o wow I was so very impressed!! The girl has a lot of talent.
The book had its aspects I really loved and one or two I didn't.. The religion mythology was good very well done not to heavy, I felt just the right amount.
I really enjoyed Ivy even though she couldn't really relate to how Bethany felt she tried her best to protect and guide her.
Xavier was such a genuine male character and love interest for Beth I could of easy fell in love with a boy like that. I thought the "teenage first love" drama was done well.. although I loved Beth and Xaviers relationship it kind of bugged me that Beth (the angel with powers) always had to be the one who needed help from Xavier (the human). I guess it was because Beth was still figuring out how to be human on earth but I wanted her to do something for him once in a while too.

I felt maybe there mission was lost a little caught up in the fight for a girl, and I didn't really like how Gabriel was portrayed as hard and not sympathetic in the beginning of the book. I get that he is very important and has a lot to do but this is not how I think an angel would be... lucky throughout the book he seems to mellow (finding Xavier for Beth when shes got depression).
Jake as a bad guy was pretty nasty however it kind of makes me laugh how a fallen angel goes back to highschool and kicks it to a teacher... yea thats on my top ten things to do if I go rouge lol.

Over all I was impressed I thought maybe it was a little long for what was happening in the story, but I did very much like the Characters... even the bad guy! 

4 out of 5

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to avoid gossip

Face it gossip is fun. It is fun sharing stories about other people. Sure we all know these stories are partly true and partly fiction. Yet, they give us an escape from our own sometimes dull world. Plus, the people we usually want to gossip about our people who we are jealous of because of one reason or possibly two or three. If we can hear stories and help spread these stories that helps to diminish just how perfect their lives are and how perfect they are, in that moment of time we may feel just a little bit better about our selves and our lives. Yet, this moment is fleeting and we all know gossip can hurt others. Think about it.
Do you like it when people talks about you behind your back, whether they are spreading lies or telling your truths that you don't want people to know?
Avoiding gossip can be hard to do. We are human for that reason alone we are bound to want to do things that we know are bad and we know is wrong, especially things that we think we can get away with doing. But we can and should avoid gossip. It is just the right thing to do.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy Instructions

things you'll need:

Clever ways to change the subject

When someone approaches you and asks if you know so and so or if you know the latest about so and so, try to avoid hearing the gossip in the first place. Quickly praise the person. Say you think the person is nice. Say that you think the person is doing a good job at whatever task. Hopefully, this will stop the gossip train dead on its tracks.

Watch out for the places where gossip is more likely to spread, the workplace cafeteria, the workplace break room, parties, schools, etc. Also beware of the people who like to gossip the most. When you see a person who is a known gossiper coming, be ready to start the conversation off yourself, hopefully this will steer the conversation away from the gossip in the first place.


Be blunt and begin telling people you do not like to gossip. Yes, this could loose you some so called friends. But do you really want friends who spend their time talking about other people behind their backs? Remember eventually their conversations will be about you, when you aren't around to defend yourself.

If the gossipers will not stop, say something cute,like: "Really, how cool? Is that really true? Let's go and ask, so and so (the person who the gossip is about). I need to find out why they did that in the first place)." Then stand back and watch as they make excuses as to why you can't do that or watch them run away from you.


If you don't really know the person you can say something like: "Don't know him and don't really care. I have better things on my mind."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was at the supermarket today when I saw this book! I want to give kudo's to Ms Brown for thinking of the topic lol. I need a copy..
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