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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to avoid gossip

Face it gossip is fun. It is fun sharing stories about other people. Sure we all know these stories are partly true and partly fiction. Yet, they give us an escape from our own sometimes dull world. Plus, the people we usually want to gossip about our people who we are jealous of because of one reason or possibly two or three. If we can hear stories and help spread these stories that helps to diminish just how perfect their lives are and how perfect they are, in that moment of time we may feel just a little bit better about our selves and our lives. Yet, this moment is fleeting and we all know gossip can hurt others. Think about it.
Do you like it when people talks about you behind your back, whether they are spreading lies or telling your truths that you don't want people to know?
Avoiding gossip can be hard to do. We are human for that reason alone we are bound to want to do things that we know are bad and we know is wrong, especially things that we think we can get away with doing. But we can and should avoid gossip. It is just the right thing to do.

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Clever ways to change the subject

When someone approaches you and asks if you know so and so or if you know the latest about so and so, try to avoid hearing the gossip in the first place. Quickly praise the person. Say you think the person is nice. Say that you think the person is doing a good job at whatever task. Hopefully, this will stop the gossip train dead on its tracks.

Watch out for the places where gossip is more likely to spread, the workplace cafeteria, the workplace break room, parties, schools, etc. Also beware of the people who like to gossip the most. When you see a person who is a known gossiper coming, be ready to start the conversation off yourself, hopefully this will steer the conversation away from the gossip in the first place.


Be blunt and begin telling people you do not like to gossip. Yes, this could loose you some so called friends. But do you really want friends who spend their time talking about other people behind their backs? Remember eventually their conversations will be about you, when you aren't around to defend yourself.

If the gossipers will not stop, say something cute,like: "Really, how cool? Is that really true? Let's go and ask, so and so (the person who the gossip is about). I need to find out why they did that in the first place)." Then stand back and watch as they make excuses as to why you can't do that or watch them run away from you.


If you don't really know the person you can say something like: "Don't know him and don't really care. I have better things on my mind."

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