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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pet Peeve

Let me talk about my pet peeve, people who go out in there pj's and am not just talking about running to the mail box. Seriously why do people think this is OK it really isn't! I understand sometimes we are sleepy have no energy etc, but really is it so hard for us to throw on a pair of sweats? Honestly I find it really disgusting let me put it like this NOTHING SAYS "I DIDN'T WASH MY ASS TODAY! more then a person in pj's its like a neon sign which tells people you fell out the bed didn't shower and now are outside in your pj's.

Whats worse? not only pj's but taking it one step futher... check out the right of this pic!

I am mortified to think somebody would think this was ok in the supermarket!!!!!!
Please don't do it! I actually think people should get a ticket or something lmao

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