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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B&N suck

Has anybody else noticed that the service at Barnes and Noble all of a sudden really sucks! I have to admit normally I shop at Borders..but through lack of judgement I placed two orders with B& The 1st book came with out a dust jacket which got me mad because all I have now is a plain looking book (Matched) and it took long enough to receive it that I didn't want to do the whole switch thing so after writing to customer Service they decided to give me $1 back (how they come up with that I have no idea)

So I also Pre-ordered City of Fallen Angels (signed) over a month ago. The idea was they would take the money when the order was shipped but for some stupid reason they kept taking the $17 out of my account which would then go into pending transactions just to be put back into my account (really annoying since it sent me into the overdraft) so I go again to customer service and basically get no answers or the classic (blame the bank)

Ok whatever I still really really really want this book I've been waiting forever for it, its my favorite book series so today the book was released and guess what? Well Melissa is sitting here with out my copy of the COFA :( with no idea of when this book will be shipped (if it ever will) so its been a truly expensive book (with the bank charges $30) and I haven't even read it yet!

I am so jealous of all those reading the book right now and I am totally boycotting B&N!!!!

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