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Sunday, April 17, 2011

House of Night

So I think I was the only person not to read P.C Cast's house of night, these past few weeks I got all the books that are out so far and read them one after another.

About: 16-year old Zoey Redbird is marked by a Tracker Vampyre, transforming her into a fledgling, or vampyre-to-be. Due to this, Zoey is forced to give up her human life and move away from her family into the House of Night boarding school, where she is to be educated in becoming a vampyre, while her body is to make the vigorous four-year change into vampyre that some do not survive. However, Zoey initially finds herself distinctively different from her fledgling peers: she encounters vampyre goddess Nyx in a vision, and after this, gains a completely filled-in mark, which is regular only for adult vampyres. At the House of Night, she is introduced to roommate Stevie Rae and accepted into Stevie Rae's close group of friends. Through out the books we see Zoey and her friends battle Darkness in order to save the world & basically stop war between Vampyres and the human race.

My opinion:

Ok so there are some things I love about the books and some things I didn't like so much.

I loved the idea of females being the powerful sex in this world, goddesses and such it was fun to see.  Zoey and Stevie Rae really grow and change embracing there gifts given to them (lots of girl power).
Aphrodite I have to say was one of my favorite characters in the first book she definitely is a hag from hell (trust fund baby) but she has a total transformation with out loosing her personality.
I was impressed with the Damien - Jack relationship I feel many authors shy away from writing about a gay relationship and I thought it was done well.
I didn't feel like any character was forced or not needed I liked all of them and although I wasn't completely sold on the books right off the story does improve as it goes along. The Stevie -Rae - Rephaim relationship has me intrigued. The plot itself is interesting and the use of religious and Cherokee legends only added to that.

What had me a little confused was I thought these Vampyres acted more like witches with the elements, rituals, circles etc not necessarily a bad thing just totally different from what I expected. Also kids who are marked its down to DNA, that took a while to get used to...

The whole Zoey can't make her mind up between numerous guys kind of got tiresome...don't get me wrong I liked all the guys! lol. But blah I mean the girl can fight darkness but cant pick a man after 5 or 6 books it feels like REALLY?

Who ever proof reads these books well Ms Cast needs to fire them I found so many mistakes!

The use of language and sexual content also had me questioning who these books were aimed at... not a 13yr old that's for sure.

I did like the use of pop culture although at times it was a little like over kill...

If you see these books give them a go I liked them, just don't expect Cassandra Clare standard of writing because its not but in my opinion still worth the read.

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FireStarBooks said...

I really didn't like this series. It seemed like a erotica :S I just want to scream at the mother and daughter team "OMG, THIS IS NOT FOR YOUNG ADULTS!"

I gave up this series have a few books. I guess I didn't want to give up since there were interesting concepts. :)

Great review!