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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Matched Ally Condie

My Opinion:

Cassia, Xander and Ky are the main characters of the story they live in a Society where EVERYTHING is chosen for them. They are only allowed to eat, drink a certain amount. Work set hours have set amount of free time.. wear standard issue clothes..There is actually so many rules to the world they live in it really makes your head spin. I found it very scary!
After the first 100 pages or so I felt like OK something has got to happen!! this book is slow going it reminds me of Shiver or Linger pace wise. I do find a few of the characters rather forgettable.

There world makes me sad I even cried a little for Ky! Who was my favorite.
A lot of the rules are meant to be set for "there own good" when really its an abuse of power totally unfair and frustrating.
I read the book in 2days and will read the next book... I rate it 4 out of 5.

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