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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The curse workers - Holly Black

White Cat

Cassel is from a family of curse workers, curse workers can altar you by touch. They can change your memory, luck, emotion they can transform you or even cause death. Cassel believes he doesn't have these gifts like the rest of his family. Cassel believes at the age of 14 he killed his best friend, even though his memory of this event is messed up and he doesn't know why he would kill Lila when in fact he loved her. Although he believes himself not to be a curse worker he does have major conning skills so he always have a mark in mind. BUT while at school he starts to suffer sleep walking episodes and memory issues and wonders if he isn't the victim of somebody Else's con.

Red Glove

Catches up with Cassel and Lila back at school, Cassel is worrying about doing the right thing by her since his emotion worker mom got her hands on her to make her love Cassel. He is far from happy about this since now he doubts constantly whether the feelings she has for him are real or due to a curse.
Everybody wants a piece of him, the mobsters to use his talent and the FEDS for information as well as finding the person who murdered his brother Philip.
Can he really help the mobsters with out making himself a murderer or the Feds with out looking like a criminal... its a tough choice.

My opinion!

GO OUT AND BUY THESE BOOKS! I found them totally amazing I want to say my most favorite books so far this year. Since Curse work good or bad is against the law the "workers" are now mobsters from crime families who do curse work on the black market. The story is set in NJ/NY and everybody has to wear gloves 24.7 since hands are such dangerous weapons and nobody knows who has the cure or not.

Philip is a luck worker, Barron is a memory worker, Grandpa is a death worker, mom is a emotions worker.... Then there is Cassel who's trying to be a good boy while doing the occasional con LOL The odds are stacked against him for sure. He is totally lovable!

These books have it all.. mystery, romance, friendship and a little violence fabulous entertaining reading read both books in 2days

5 stars!

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Stella Chen said...

I've never read any of Holly's books but I do know the third book in this series comes out this year and I would like to start this series. Thanks for the review. :) It's great.