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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Irresposible parenting?

This is a touchy subject for most parents but I have asked myself this question over and over today...

When should a parent be blamed for Neglect of a child, instead of just saying well it was an accident?

We all know children will fall off there bike, have scraped knees and so on..but I think there is a line in which somebody needs to take responsibility.

Today my sons 4yr old friend tried to cross the road and nearly got hit by a heavy load work if he would of been hit then it would of been an "accident" BUT that got me thinking... His mother was home all day so isn't it her responsibility to make sure the child is ok? I mean seriously who lets a 4yr old wonder off by himself? If you are going to let him play outside should you not check on him? hes FOUR! I just find it so irresponsible. I am more the certain if the child would of been hit then the mom would of had a lot to say to the driver of the truck thats for sure.

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