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Monday, May 30, 2011

My mom and Social networking

My mother is on Facebook shes all up to date with the social media thing. Since we live in two different countries its the best way to keep in contact with one another, post pics, video's etc.
Well here is the thing you always have to be careful of what you write with your mother as a friend! LOL No matter how old you are your still young enough to be told off by your mum for using the wrong word.

My brother did not have this issue as he refused to add her as a friend! LOL His reasoning was "mum I don't say anything wrong but I can not control my friends who go on my page and say things you might not like" His argument had value.
I've lost count of the number of times my mother has brought up the subject of what a friend of mines has response being mum its just a website don't pay mind to people.

But for months shes complained about how unfair it is that my brother will not add her as a friend!! I find it very amusing because I think she would approach this subject every time he would visit until I really think she grind him down.

So now the brother added the mother.... and guess what?!

She is totally mortified and horrified to find out what 25yr old men talk about LOL. "Your brother said this, your brother said that" His friends have disgusting mouth's" They talk about women"

My response
Sometimes the grass isn't always greener after all LOL.

Although I do agree with one point my mom made... people love to over share on that site!

The old lady tickles me that's for sure.

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