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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pirates Of the Caribbean

Today I took my son to see the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. When I found out Keira Knightly & Orlando Bloom wasn't going to be in it.. I began to wonder whether it would be as good as the movies before. Having said that Johnny Depp is epic so I had to give "On stranger tides" a chance. In this installment Jack is trying to find the fountain of youth...only hes not the only one. The British and the Spanish also want to get to the fountain first so its becomes a race.

My Opinion:

Captain Jack is still true to form hes witty and fun and his comical self. Penelope Cruz plays one of Jacks ex women. I really liked her and the character she plays is feisty and sexy, the chemistry was right and she seemed to fit in very well.  I didn't miss the old characters at all and enjoyed the movie a lot!


Unknown said...

Believe it or not I actually went and saw this movie last night too. I enjoyed it. As you say there are a few of the old cast missing and a few new members but it does not actually effect the film in any way. The mermaids were very well done I thought. Of course at the end of this film it has been left open for a sequel, or two or three!!:-)

Unknown said...

yea the only thing I did not understand was WHY was he looking for a ship to begin with if he didn't even want the fountain for himself?