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Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is here, my body isn't!

Ugh my son is harassing me for a pool pass which means I have to buy a swim suit not liking the notion one little bit. I failed miserably to loose the 10lbs I needed too after giving birth to Sophia and now I am dreading the summer. Normally I couldn't care less but recently a few ill considerate people just loved to inform me how I still had a little blubber to loose.... (no sh*t batman I mean I got two kids it ain't easy!)

 Just let me put it out there its never OK to mention somebodies weight! EVER.. Especially after giving birth less then a year ago! (just saying)

so what do I do? I mean I'm 26 I don't want to look like a frump, but I don't want to look like those women who squeeze into a two piece and have bumps and lumps everywhere ( you know what I'm talking about lol)

Right now I am all for buying a whole body wet suit with floatation device in case I cant stay afloat lol!! Jacob's mom who sure be the talk of the pool community then.

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