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Friday, July 29, 2011

Beyond the the pool

I bought my kids a summer pass to our town pool last year my son used his pass so much it was great value for money. So this year I did the same thing,  Since July we have visited at least 3 or 4 times a week. My 10 month old has found a love for the water which  I am very pleased about, they have so much fun!
When we arrived at the pool Monday I put Sophia in the water in her baby float only to have the life guard come and tell me to take it out of the water because it was a health hazard and wasn't allowed... then she proceeded to walk away.... huh, what?
(Sophia's float not allowed)

(Jacob's tube not allowed)

Excuse me I say... can you come back here please and explain to me why my baby can not have her float and tell me when this rule came into affect? I've been coming here for the past two summers and never heard of such a thing.


(17yr old high school student spending her summer as a "life guard" bad attitude vibe just rolling off her)

Well there not allowed and its always been that way since I've worked here which has been a long time so you need to take it out of the pool.

My response: It has not always been this way I was here 2 days ago.  I need to understand why you guys think its a health hazard to have a float in a kids pool, but its NOT a risk sending kids who can not swim in the pool with out a floatation device.

Her Response: I don't know I can't answer your questions my manager told me I have the authority to remove you from the pool so either listen or leave!

WHAT I know this teenager is not giving me an attitude...

Ok you know what please let me speak to your manager...because I am not getting the answers I need and I am not letting my children in the water with out knowing they can have some sort of safety device this is ridiculous

Along comes manager

Can you tell me why I am being told my children can't have there swim rings in the pool?...
Yes I am sorry miss we had an incident where a mother left her child unattended and the baby flipped out of the tube, so now the health inspector has forbid them from the pool. Its been the case for a while but we have not been enforcing the rule.

So because one woman lacked responsible parenting skills you are now telling everybody to go with out? You don't see it as a risk to children or a hazard for children to be in the pool without them?

BLANK stare...

Ok well thank you for that but honestly you guys need to explain yourselves better rather then getting a teenage girl to give people attitude. Especially when I was just inquiring about the safety of my children.


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Andra Lyn said...

That would definitely drive me crazy...depending on my bitch-o-meter that day, I might very well ask the manager to write up the girl. There's no excuse for being rude, especially when representing your company or job...