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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One book with many Faces

My mom and I book swap a lot, we have the same taste in reading and we generally follow the same series so its a good way to save money and then enjoy talking about our books.
However my mom lives in England and I reside here in the good ole USA the only issue with that is many of the books have different covers!


Well I see why it's done its a marketing gimmick in order to appeal to a bigger audience of people.. and we know a lot of people choose a book just by the cover. In different countries especially since what appeals to one country will not appeal to another.

Bulgarian Hex Hall
US Hex Hall

OK country to country is one thing but what about newer books that have many many covers it can get confusing when it comes to buying..cant it?



I know I've mistakenly bought books twice because of the changes in covers.. so what's the answer and why am I even talking about this?

My personal opinion

I brought up this subject today because I was eagerly waiting for the new Sookie Stakehouse book my mom and I love these books and she told me "Mel I got it don't buy it we will book swap" so that's what we did.... I had in my mind this book.

When I got this (UK) version

I was let down by the cover I felt that the first book had beautiful art while the second was a huge let down and I hear "They want to appeal to more people" But I honestly don't see how the second cover ever could!! I feel its very lazy... Shouldn't the marketing people put as much thought into each cover??

ANYWAYS back to my opinion


In some cases books having cover changes is a great idea for OLDER dated books.. What was appealing in 1993 may not have the same appeal to the reader of today for example I recently got done reading "Sweep Series" Really Great books however if I would of got the cover from back when it started I don't think it would of sold my interest.


Once a series is done and needs revamping I can see the need for a change!!,

 but I find newer books with 5 different covers and DIFFERENT TITLES! (Why change the title!) confusing to the reader and time consuming.

Whats your thought?

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