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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Author Lauren Oliver
Publisher HaperCollins
Audio book - Sarah Drew

A world where love is a bad thing it makes people do silly and unthinkable things. This is why scientists have found a way to rid society of the disease, everybody at 18 get evaluated and gets treatment. This is a good thing it makes people predictable rational stable. Emotions are a thing of the past and for Lena this couldn't come sooner she wants this, she doesn't want to be like her mom who couldn't be cured who killed herself, and who people talk about like a bad stain on the carpet. Until it happens! the unthinkable.... she meets Alex and falls in love.

My opinion

Firstly I have to say dystopian stories are not my favorite I have a hard time reading about societies who are
practically told what to think by the powers that be... so I was a hard customer to convince.
Delirium reminds me of other books like Matched by Ally Condie.
The writing is fluid Lauren Oliver writes beautifully. But the story is slow going and I had a very hard time believing that love could be a disease.
Having said all of that! I was still able to over come all my doubts for the love story that was Lena & Alex. It was so captivating for me to see Lena fall in love when she was so set against the idea! It was intense and strong and simply amazing.

Sarah Drew is AMAZING - listening to this story I was so entertained and engrossed I would sit for hours and not realize how much time had pasted, she brought the story and its characters to life.

Oliver writes a story where love was seen as a dirty illness and yet its still so strong for these two young people Lena and Alex that they are willing to risk everything they have ever known to be together. In this world the chances of death as a punishment are very real.

I found the view of the government and the book of shh (a distorted view on the bible) disturbing..but the fight in the sympathizers & believers like Hannah like Lena like Alex even more brave.
This was a well thought out book filled with poems, rhymes, saying.. It was very impressive I cant praise Oliver enough.

I loved this book, it was beautiful and thought provoking.

5 stars


Unknown said...

Sarah Drew like from Grey's Anatomy? did you read it and listen to the audiobook, or just listen? Sometimes I can't get into a book if I listen to the audiobook, and sometimes I love it more by having their voices come alive.
Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

you know i am not sure it just says voice - sarah drew,
I listen to it just on audio which is why i am sure i loved it all the more..

thanks for the blog love :)