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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hourglass Door series - Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Door

Abby is a Senior in high school shes a great student and has a good boyfriend life seems to be going smoothly. But then Dante enters her life he's the mysterious foreign exchange student from Italy. She can't deny her interest in him and befriends him.
After ending her relationship with Jason Abby can't help but want to spend more and more time with Dante. Strange things happen with him.. Time is different too slow or too fast.

Dante's feelings for Abby grow and  he knows he has to share his secret with her. He's actually from another place, another time.
Dante once worked for Da Vinci, helping to design and build a time machine (a door), but after getting accused as being a traitor to his country, he is punished. The punishment was he sent through the door more than five hundred years into the future.

The Golden Spiral

Zo has gone back through the door he wants to manipulate time, change history and make the world what he wants it to be. Dante has gone after him and hopes to stop him, Abby worries about Dante but knows he's the only person who can stop Zo (and his God like complex).
 Zo starts to target Abby's past and her fears become reality when her friends and family start to forget her.
Worse is to come when she realizes Dante didn't make it to where he was meant to be and is stuck in the door! She goes to her best friend Val to try and get information on Zo but her mind has been so badly manipulated she isn't very Coherent. With nowhere to turn she goes to the only other friend she has left, Jason in hopes he can help her build another door and save Dante and Time as they know it.

The Forgotten Locket

After saving Dante from the door and with Zo still at large, Abby knows she's now the only person left to go after him. Dante is injured and blinded (after being slashed in the eyes by Zo). She has to put her own fear aside to stop Zo from damaging the river of time any more then he already has. Even though this means her binding herself to the Bank. She goes through the door on a journey that has her facing the biggest confrontation of all. There is also a very real possibility that she may get lost in time.
But love passion and the belief to do the right thing will always conquer all in the end.

My Opinion

I loved this series it was beautifully written the story just flowed for me. Lisa Mangum has a true gift and an awesome imagination. The concept was very unique and the story was ever changing and truly exciting. The characters have grown through out the books and you can't help but become invested in them. The Love between Dante and Abby was so strong it blew me away.
The final book was just the Cherry on top of the cake! I couldn't read it fast enough, even though I wanted to savor every word.
Time Travel, Romance and Action all in one series it was a spectacular read I am really sad to see it end.
Lisa has a #1 fan with me and I would read anything she writes in the future.

5 out of 5


Unknown said...

Ohhh I have this series in my TBR pile! Gah! so many books, so little time!

Beauty -N- Bolts said...

I have never read this series! It sounds amazing! Added to my TBR for sure!

Andra Lyn said...

Cool I've never heard of them but you make them sound fantastic! I'll have to check them out! Thanks chicky!