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Monday, August 15, 2011

Peeled audio - Joan Bauer

Hildy biddle is a 16 year old junior of Banesville high. Her dream is to become a journalist like her father once was before his death a few years ago. she is a Journalist for her school news paper called the core. 
she lives in a small town in upstate NY which revolves around farming families and apple orchards. With two poor seasons behind them everybody is holding out hope that The Apple Blossom Festival will change there luck and bring positivity back to town.
Just as things are looking up strange people start turning up to town asking questions about the old Ludlow property which is rumored to be haunted..With one arrest and a murder 
Hildy puts her high school journalism to the test to solve the case and find out the truth.

This book is a cute clean read for the younger teen but honestly it just wasn't for me I don't know if I would feel any different if I got a hard copy of this book but the audio edition just didn't keep me entertained in my mind the narrator just way to old to be a 16yr old student.

Peeled had too much of a scooby doo vibe for me... 


Unknown said...

Is this book geared more for MG rather than YA?

Unknown said...

they say 12 to 17 its meant to be YA but i don't know ?? its cute and all just very scooby doo with meddling kids ish. lol.
The audio I felt was so wrong they should of picked a younger reader.