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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in my city

I didn't blog yesterday I was too upset by the news of the rioting in my country and even more devastated to hear it had spread to my home city of Liverpool. It reminded my family and I of the Liverpool Toxteth Riots in 1981 when my grandfather almost lost his life.

I honestly believe with the way the country is being run it was any excuse these thugs where looking for to behave like zoo animals and loot. So this all started with the death of one young man after a clash with the police. Yet I don't understand how violence and looting is helping? Do you think your being heard? YOU'RE NOT. I turn on my TV and I am ashamed, I am ashamed to be British I see how the world is seeing us right now... mindless thugs ..Other countries fight for freedom.. The teens of my country? They riot for new clothes and Ipads!
And do you honestly think you wont be caught, your faces are being shown around the world!

What makes me so sad about this situation the majority of people are locked in there houses for their own safety, worried about there jobs, there schools, there businesses!
My country is in bad enough economic state, this is not needed. What the looters fail to see it eventually this behavior will effect everybody. Nobody wants this...

I am angry, I am angry at why we have to ask the question why where there only 6000 police on petrol Last night??!!... Why people feared for their safety and jumped out of burning buildings. Well, Mr. Prime Minister that is because YOU cut the Police force! You wanted to make it smaller and put that money some place else even though we need it! PLEASE look out our country THE ONE YOU RUN... and right now running straight into the ground! I urge you to get your priorities in order!

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Unknown said...

This is truly sad...and frustrating. I feel for ya, girl.