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Monday, November 14, 2011

Beyond the book - Bad Santa experience

So this weekend while we where at the mall the kids noticed Santa was there. Nearly I know but try telling that to kids... plus I figured avoid the lines in December when the world looses its head.
How foolish and mistaken I was, it was the worst Santa experience of my life.. Let me give you a run down.

Before everything went seriously wrong

  • There was no line.. however the people were more about chit chat then focused on the job at hand. They kept two small children sitting there for 20minutes
  • They where loud and pushy and did not explain the photo packages
  • They made my husband and I step away from the children and out of there sight! This had never happened before and I was upset about it because it resulted in two small kids not seeing there parents and a bunch of strangers. When my 1 year old started to cry and I went towards her I was again yelled at by staff.
  • They didn't even tell my kids when they were taking the pictures, and were so rude to them.. Like really how can you be rude to toddlers??
  • When my husband tried to take pictures with our own camera the guy again yelled at him that this was not allowed (however its never been a problem before) and we were paying $30 for photo's!!
  • When I finally got to view the photo's they were horrible both my kids looked terrified and when I told them I didn't like them I had 3 men surround me "why don't you like them?" Why aren't you going to buy them!" "If you want more pictures you will have to go back in line!" I can't tell you how intimidating this was
  • I tried to tell them it was everything, that they were rude and pushy and had not people skills never mind and child skills.
The only pic we manged to take before having the camera yanked out of my hand

So in the end we left with no pictures and two very upset little children and I was upset for them. These people just ruined whats meant to be an awesome joyous Christmas experience. I told the kids we will visit Santa again (yes at another Mall!)

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