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Monday, November 7, 2011

Beyond the book - Mom is bargain hunting

So in case you didn't know when mama Portillo is not reading she is out hunting for bargains, clipping coupons and generally trying to save money - In my Pre child days I thought that such a task was for older middle aged women LOL YEA RIGHT, how silly my thinking was!

kids cost especially in todays' society when jobs are harder to come by and everybody seems to take your money but not give anything back. Am I right?

I wanted to share with you this offer from Ink Garden If you sign up with them for free they will give you a credit to get 1 of 9 products FREE!! You can personalize it to your liking and then just pay the shipping.

I myself did this I ordered Jacob's Teacher a note book with calender inside as a Christmas gift and it's so cute!! I just paid $4 shipping and it was totally worth it!

And for all my book lover/writer friends what better way is there then to read a good book with a hot drink in a personlized mug! or write in a personalized note book!

*Ink garden has nothing to do with me writing this post*


Unknown said...

I got a groupon deal or something for InkGarden not to long ago. Those printing companies are great for free promotions. I got a free notebook from shutterfly and I love it so much, I'm scared to use it :)

Andra Lyn said...

cool :) Thanks for the info chick! I'll have to get on favorite mug got shattered last week :(...boy toys can be fun, but they are hell on your