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Friday, November 4, 2011

This week in pictures - Beyond the book

Happy Birthday Daddy - we know your old - 30! and all but we still love you :)

Yes this Cake was yummy! Chocolate pudding and bananas on the inside with Butter cream icing on the outside - made by my epic mommy!

In other news!

My baby sister Sophia got voted PlaySkool Fan of the week!
Shes a superstar baby

See ya!


Jinky said...

Happy birthday to young daddy! --Chocolate pudding-banana-cream cheese pie ...ahhh, yummm!!

Unknown said...

Any chance we can get that recipe? That sounds delish!

Unknown said...

Heather it was

Betty crocker extra moist yello cake mix

Butter, oil and 3eggs

Sliced Bananas

Chocolate pudding Jello brand

and betty crocker butter cream frosting wipped kind

pretty simple and fast o0o0 and dont forget sprinkles!

I also took a left out of your book and had a 75c coupon which they doubled! yay