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Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh no, George! Chris Haughton

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George is a doggy that has the best intentions but can't help but get into trouble. This book is a story of George and his journey of learning right from wrong.

From a mothers point of view - I loved this book it was easy enough for my 5 year old to understand the lesson and moral of the story right away.. The 1st part of the book consists of George doing all these bad things and disappointing his owner.
The second part of the book is about George learning his lesson and changing his behaviour. I really favored the two part split - Before and After it makes it a lot easier for a young child to understand. Great Educational tool for a parent.  

Jacob's Opinion

I liked George even though he did bad things! because he was so funny and made me laugh. He learnt to be good in the end and that's whats important. I really liked the pictures in the book because they seemed to be different then all my other books. I would like to read more about George.

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Unknown said...

Great job, buddy! I'll make sure to get this for my boy ;)