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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beyond the book - COOL GEAR

I wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to Cool Gear I won a wonderful giveaway on Facebook and they sent me 7! yes 7 of there different cups. We were so excited when a big box arrived at the house.

So how did I win? Well I answered a question about how and were I use Cool Gear products... That's easy everywhere!!!

I save so much money since my husband takes his own coffee to work in the morning using a travel mug. Cool Gear also make travel lotion bottles which are totally awesome since your only allowed so much lotion on a plane now and my husband often travels for work.

My son takes the water bottle with the filter to school and because the bottles are in cool colors, there actually encouraging him to drink more water and less soda! Not to mention we buy less bottled water because like I said they have a filter! and a freeze tube inside to keep your water cold.

My next purchase is more of these!

My son has a bad habit of spilling snacks all over the place in his book bag so I totally love this idea! As you can probably tell I am a mom who gets excited over cups! LOL

My kids also had hours of fun with the box and bubble wrap! They said they were shipping themselves to nanny in England LOL..

I did not get paid for this post, I am expressing my personal opinion of Cool Gear products.

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Samantha said...

I didn't know they did lotion bottles. I will check that out.