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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Face book the new Fake book

Facebook or as I like to call it Fakebook is somewhat bother some as of late..If it wasn't for my family it would of been deleted. Fakebook has now become myspace.
Lets call it like we see it shall we:

It's not cool to put all your personal issues on the Internet its the Internet!

Why is it that grown people have reverted to high school with there catty remarks and status changes,
are we not meant to know what your talking about?

If you have to conduct fights through FB status then whats that say about you really?
here is a thought add only your REAL FRIENDS and there wouldn't be a privacy issue.
Why do people feel the need to add people they don't know anyways!

If you didn't speak to me in high school your only 9yrs too late now!

Sending friend requests to peoples page acting like there bff only to talk about them and spy
on them is lame! get an existence. If your not on a persons page there is a reason!

We don't LIKE everything somebody says many of us hope there is a dislike button.
If you cant say it out loud don't feel justified writing about it on FB.

I don't need to see your pouty lips in every picture, your boobs or your ass remember
your mother, father, sister, bother and babies can see these pics have some self respect.
And that's not be being a hater that's me thinking at least a stripper has the sense to get her dollar bills.

And in conclusion this is why Facebook is Fake book as it has the side effects of grown adults acting like teenagers

Rant over LOL

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