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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hilary DUff - Devoted

About - from Amazon

Since Sage was kidnapped, Clea has no way of knowing if he is alive or dead. And even though she has only just discovered they were soul mates, she feels like a part of her is lost forever. What’s worse, she can’t even turn to her best friend Ben—because every time she looks at him, all she sees is his betrayal. But waiting for something to happen is not an option, so Clea is ready for action. Suffering through dreams of seeing Sage with another woman, she makes an uneasy alliance with Sage’s enemies and sets out to be reunited with this life or the next.

My Opinion

Let's start with the cover which I am not a fan of, book one had a beautiful iris flower on it that just made me want to read the story. I thought this book would follow the pattern and it didn't, the whole time I am thinking it could of been Hilary herself on front of the book and not Clea.

Ok so let's get to the actual story, Sage has been kidnapped by one of the two groups who want him dead. One group want to use his blood for eternal life, the other group want to kill him and break the curse they are suffering. I really enjoyed getting to know the people in each of these groups we find each of them have very different motivations - Nico just wants to live and protect what's left of his family, while Amelia's family want to live forever and are driven by basic greed.

This book is definitely a lot darker then the first one that's for sure, and while Sage is a main character who the story is focused around he and Clea don't actually spend that much time together. We see Clea trying all things possible to try and save her soul mate, while her faith in there relationship is truly but to the test.
She puts her trust in Ben reluctantly to help her with her quest - I am glad Ben man up in this book he was less of a push over and although Clea had her reasons sometimes her actions did suck toward him and I am glad he had the chance to I give back what he got in return.

While I enjoyed the read and getting to know the characters a little better I preferred book 1 better. I see where the author was trying to go with the story and for the most part did but there were certain things I felt fell flat. Amelia's dialogue in parts was so long I lost interest and would skim...

I loved the change in Ben
I liked the relationship between Amelia and her mother, although dark and disturbing
I liked the history behind the Saviors and CV's
I love Reyna and Nico together

I didn't like Clea's actions toward Ben she was a total user
I didn't like the cover And the long dialogues
I didn't like the lack of Sage and Clea together

I really enjoyed the action packed fight scene at the end.. Although the ending had me shocked as can be! Its very much like the first one and I can't help but think Reyna and Nico won't get the happy ending I wanted... We were talking about a love triangle before this book.... After reading it can anybody say square lol. Frustrating just a little!

Overall 3 and a half out of 5

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