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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rising son - L.C Decarlo

About: From Goodreads

Questions are starting to be raised within the Council as to just who Juliana Lucio is, and what exactly her unique abilities are. William and Ana are no longer able to keep Juliana or her abilities a secret, and just as she thought her son Christian was safe he is pulled deeper into the vampire world than Juliana ever imagined possible. Two factions of vampires are fighting. They are teetering on the brink of a war that is threatening to spill over onto humankind. The Coven, wants to out vampirekind and their existence to the world; the Council, will do everything in its power to prevent it. A traitor threatens to bring the entire world as we know it crumbling down as they hand over the keys to the Council, and the lives of Juliana, William and Ana. Will they be able to stop the threat in time? Will Christian ever break free of the vampire's grasp or will the traitor in their midst get the best of them all?

My opinion:

After reading book one in this series I was presently surprised and thought it was a promising start. Rising son just built on that for me I really did enjoy this book.
Let's start by mentioning the hot and dreamy cover! This got my attention right away I just wanted to jump right on into the story.

The story continues with Jules just after finding out Will and Anna are members of the secret council that was out to destroy her, needless to say she isn't happy and worried about the safety of her son.

I love Jules she's opinionated, strong willed, fiesty and will speak her mind...even if it lands her in a lot of trouble, which it normally does! Lol. We see her go head to head with some strong and scary vampire enemies in the book to protect her own. Even though her relationship with Anna and Will is strained at times she continues to be very loyal to them.

I enjoyed seeing there developing relationship between the 3 of them, as well as learning more about them as individual characters.

In my opinion the more of Will we get the better..he's a total stud muffin what a catch Jules got with him!
I loved the role Christian played as protector and the added bonus of Victoria into the mix who always brings a good amount of drama where ever she goes! Nice touch.

Its hard to know who to trust within the story one set of vampires want to remain under the radar while another set want to treat humans like a milking farm. With vampires from each side infiltrating the groups it's hard to know who has your back and who just wants to stab you in it.

L.C Decarlo has done a wonderful job with defining her characters and creating the world they live in.. Which quite frankly at times can be very disturbing! It takes a wonderful imagination to pull something like that off. I can not wait for book 3 to see what happens to our group now there running for there lives!

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Jacob's nanna said...

I got the first book a while ago I must read it.