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Friday, May 4, 2012

Beyond the book - Fitness

Lately Mama Portillo has been working out. It hasn't been easy that's for sure! I hear so many people tell me oh your skinny you don't need to work out, but here is the thing since having my second child who's now 18months I've gained 15lbs!

This might not seem a lot but for me it felt so much. I didn't feel healthy and that's what I've learnt skinny does not equal healthy. Getting the motivation has been hard. Being a SAHM with two kids hanging off your ankles all day, finding the time was no easy task.

But I figured if I was going to do this then home would be the place I would do it. With my CP it takes me a little longer to learn routines and co-ordination so there was no way I was going to the gym! Many women are self conscious too, whether it's how they look or what people may say.

So I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I've learnt:

1. Find a fitness home series you love and that offers variation so you don't get bored. I found the Crunch fitness DVD series works for me. I love it because if I find a particular exercise hard then there is always a modified version I can do instead. (some Crunch dvds can be found on Amazon)

2. Don't starve! If you starve yourself when you do eat your body is going to latch on to those calories and it slows down your metabolism.

3. Try to use weights in your cardio routine, weight loss is helped if you also build a little muscle.

4. Don't get upset If the scale tells you that you haven't lost any pounds this week! Remember it's not about pounds but how your body looks. The first 3 weeks I lost 6lbs but on the fourth I gained 2 back. I worked my hardest that 4th week and although I didn't lose any pounds I did gain arm muscle!

5. Time is hard to find! Do your work out when the kids nap or go to school. In your lunch hour take a walk, at the park? While there monkeying around get active!

6. It doesn't have to be expensive I found my wrist weights at 5below for $5 as well as my ankle weights. Walmart is awesome for mats and dumbbells! You have all you need for your work out and it costs less then a gym membership!
I didn't even pay for my routine DVDs there all on Netflix which I was already a member.

7. Get the facts, research and motivational advice - Instagram believe it or not is awesome for this! Also there are a lot of new apps such as "Nike training center" FREE! Also awesome plans and tips HERE:

8. Drink water sometimes we mistake our hunger, drink a glass of water before you eat.

9. Pills don't work for a healthy lifestyle but you can find natural supplements to help boost our metabolism just as green tea.

10. Have fun! If you don't like it you won't do it.

So that's it!! I will let you know how am doing, if you are exercising let me know how you are doing also.
Please guys be sensible when exercising these are my personal opinions it maybe be different for you, also its wise to get your doctors advice before altering your lifestyle.

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