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Friday, June 29, 2012

Beyond the book!

My baby graduated Pre-K, it seems like yesterday I was standing in the playground waving him off on his first day!! That was a whole school year ago and he has done amazing this year and learnt so much. His report was A+ and I couldnt be a prouder mommy!

Else where:

A week before our vacation starts my kids come down with chicken pox! Seriously! Mainly my little girl Sophia and of course when a mom needs the most help everybody is keeping her family at arms length. Thankfully I have an amazing friend who helped me out, its bad enough dealing with sick kids but adults who act crazy over a childhood illness that everybody gets I found outragous.

Timing sucked yes, but I am actually relieved they got it and its done with because getting chicken pox as a adult can be very dangerous..

Both kids are awesome now and I am writing this post siting next to my suitcase as today is the day we finally go on our vacation to Disney we are all super hyped since my parents are flying in from England to be with us :)


Unknown said...

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Karen said...

I hope everyone is feeling better and you are all enjoying a fun trip to Disney!!

Andra Lyn said...

It's a good thing that your baby got better for Disney! It would go from the most magical to the most miserable with a sick kiddo! (Is that a pic of you and Sophia!?! if it is, that is SO effing adorable!!! )