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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I've learnt this week on my new fitness journey

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Who would of thought wanting to lose that extra baby Weight was the start of a whole new path for me.
I have little time so working out is actually becoming "me" time which I am really enjoying! I've also discovered any diet which you are constantly hungry on is the wrong diet!
There are actually wonderful foods that are delicious healthy and natural. We don't have to give up all our favorite foods it's all about portion size.
According to a article in Fitness Magazine I just read some size portions in America today are 3 times bigger then what the USDA recommend!

So on to the good stuff:

Foods that help fight belly fat!

1, oatmeal - it keeps us fuller for longer so where not looking for quick snacks as soon! You can jazz it up with blue berries or banana's like I do if you have a sweet tooth.

2, protein powder - its not just for body builders with muscles! It's a proven fact those who lose weight the most have a lot of protein in there diet, it builds and replenishes muscles.

3, Eggs - B12 is important we need to keep that metabolism going.

4, Whole grains - they fill you longer and the fiber keeps you regular so you don't look bloated.

For more great belly fat busting foods check out :

Of course everybody is different, I'm talking to you about my personal journey! If you have and questions about your own health you should always contact your doctor

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