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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sara Fawkes - Anything he wants

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Pleased to say this 5 part ebook is finally all written into one book!

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Boy oh boy this story is all action from the start with hardly a pause for breathe.
Jeremiah is a billionaire CEO to a company he never wanted to be apart of. He's used to steam rolling his way in every aspect of his life which is exactly what he does when meeting Lucy in the company elevator.

Lucy was meant to be a lawyer but having to drop out of school after her parents died and losing her family home she's left to make ends meat at a temp job she hates entering data. The only positive is the attractive male she sees every morning on the elevator.

She's offered a job she can't turn down as the personal assistant of Jeremiah Hamilton and I don't think anybody could of prepared her for that job role... Death threats, crazy ex loves, dysfunctional family members. There really is twist and turns on every page!

I enjoyed the chemistry between Jeremiah and Lucy it was intense and it left me wanting so much more for them.
My favorite character was Lucas (the older brother) he was the bad boy with a heart you couldn't help but like.
These characters have a lot of potential and the story plot was enjoyable. I really do hope there is more I need more! There is just too Many lose ends that still need closing the last page had me screaming nooooooo!

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Jacob's Nanna said...

Sounds like a mix of christen and Gideon