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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas reading: Katie Lane

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Hunk for the holidays
Grand Central publishing

Cassie McPherson works for her father's construction company. She really wants to be out in the field but since her fathers bypass surgery she's keen not to upset him. She works long hours so to keep her family from pestering her about dating she hires male escorts.

Her friend and assistant Amy puts her in heels too high and a dress to short for the annual Christmas party. When James shows up she mistakes him for the male escort, and is to busy firing off instructions for him to follow she doesnt realize hes not. James is actually the McPhersons' competitor in the construction business.
But James finds himself so enthralled with this wild cat of a woman he becomes hesitant to tell her the truth.

I loved this quirky story it was rather straight forward reading and you knew it's going to be a happy ending from page 1, but it didn't make it any less enjoyable. The plot moved at the perfect pace.
Although the story was mainly about Cassie I had great pleasure in reading about the meddling great aunt who in old age had nothing better to do then match make for her nieces and nephews. What a dynamic character I found her to be she had humor in the bucket loads!

Even though the Mcpherson's seemed a crazy and hectic bunch you can tell they were loyal to the end. Each character was a special personality that made me keep reading, especially Rory and Amy.
I hope the author expands on some of these characters so we can learn more about them.
Great holiday reading!

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Mistaken identity books can be really fun!
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