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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bronwen Evans - The Reluctant Wife

The Reluctant WifeThe Reluctant Wife by Bronwen Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The reluctant wife is a great contemporary romance which I would recommend to fans of Jennifer Probst Marriage to a Billionaire series.

This story jumps right to it which I liked - Abby got married real young with the perception of Prince Charming still fresh in her 19 year old mind. She was in love and starry eyed for her older handsome and incredibly rich Italian husband.
Dante however married for the business, his family heritage and the means of creating a son.
Shattered Abby runs from her marriage only to having to return 3 years later with a favor to ask... Money she needs it and fast to help with her grand mothers heart operation.
Dante being the cunning business man he is uses this as a means of black mailing her to staying and give him the son he so desperately wants.

I enjoyed every page of this book, from page one we are aware of the dynamic chemistry between these two estranged characters and it was very sexy!

I liked Abby she is an independent woman who will do whatever needs to be done. She's brave and a romantic I could really relate to her. (Plus she was English and the author mentions my home city, Liverpool! Thumbs up)

Although Dante comes across as cunning and cold in the beginning of the book we find he has his reasons. I loved him!! he learns a valuable lesson and in the end knows when to apologize..

This couple goes through a lot but I feel it only helped them grow and mature. I laughed, I cried and cheered for them. I ate up there endless banter and steaming chemistry that at points had my toes curling!

While the plot was easy to predict it didn't take away from the story, I wished it hadn't of took this couple 3 years to find there way. I hope we get to see these characters again..

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