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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So lately I've wanted a change in my house.. nothing drastic just something nice and simple for 2013 on a budget. I mean really, just after Christmas who has the funds for big changes?

 The thing is I'm the least creative person ever! sigh. My 6 year old is honestly better with crafts then me..
So I started hunting around and found Wall Decals! I am in love, you just peel them off and stick them on... They come in so many themes! While some can be pretty costly I found mine on Ebay really cheap.. in total I paid no more then $30 and I changed 2 rooms.

Hows that for money saving design ideas!?


Andrew said...

Those look great. We did the same thing with both of our boys' rooms (and the playroom). Their rooms are covered with wall decals of Mario, SpongeBob and Ben 10.

Unknown said...

thank you! i am pleased with them and they can peel off when they get bored with the characters... awesome