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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Electronic coupons


Have you noticed the cost of living is just going to the extremes? I remember my weekly food shopping used to be about $120 a year ago and now its pushing $200 + its honestly getting out of control.

People like to laugh at me because I cut coupons but hey in today's society needs must.
This week alone I saved $73! That's Gas money!!
So I wanted to bring to your attention supermarkets are now doing electronic coupons... Many of us don't like to take a handful of paper with us to the supermarket. With electronic coupons you don't need to!
I like to shop at Shoprite, I logged onto there Website and Registered my Rewards card (for Free) I checked out the coupons they had available and clipped them to my rewards card!

All I needed to do was hand my card in at the cash register for the coupons to be applied! How awesome is that.

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