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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kitty French - Knight & Play (adult)

Knight and Play (Knight Series, #1)Knight and Play by Kitty French

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm aware a lot of people don't like cheating spouses and this book has that, but it also has a lot more. Sophie has been married all of her married life to the one man, she knows he's cheating and its breaking her heart. She tries her hardest to cover the cracks and keep her husband's interest to no avail.

she's losing herself, her life is boring she's lonely and needs a change. Applying as a PA to the owner of a sex entertainment company adds much needed colour.

Lucien Knight doesn't do relationships he does sex, he loves sex. relationships hold no place in his life, he knows they don't work. His father cheated on his mother long enough it became the death of her.

when Sophie falls in his office he sees the same look in her eyes his mother had, he vows to save her and show her she has options.

This story won't be everybody's cup of tea, it's raw, gritty and highly erotic..toe curling in places. He's a high baller whisking her away to Norway for a week of sexual experiences. while unconventional I see what he's trying to do. Sophie really does need to see how special she is.

He's an enigma a powerful being but he has secrets and honestly that's what kept me reading. As much as I enjoyed the chemistry between them and the endless sex, I got over it pretty quickly. I didn't need more sex I needed to learn about Mr Knight just as badly as Sophie did.

This book ends on the mother of all cliff hangers!!!! I want so much for these characters and I want to learn more about them, maybe if they kept there clothes on for more then five minutes we will. The last page or so literally stole my breathe... I hold a lot of hope for book two.

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