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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arc NetGalley - Bonds of need (bk2 Wicked Play)

Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2)Bonds of Need by Lynda Aicher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so excited when I received this Arc from NetGalley! I fell in love with these characters in the first book and was left with the intense feeling I had to know more.

Bonds of need is about Kendra, we know who's no stranger to the Dom / Sub world. we know she has many secrets and this book is about us the reader finding out what they are..

Eric her ex has Kendra in hiding after abusing her trust as well as her body and with her self esteem in tatters she wants to firmly leave her past behind her. Nobody will believe her anyways up against the golden boy with the Harvard Degree and old school money.

Her friend Cali brings her to a party at her boyfriends club which happens to be the biggest Bondage club in town and highly exclusive, this is a test for Kendra, she can do this and prove to herself she doesnt need what the club offers.
Deklan has noticed Kendra and can't help but be drawn to her. He sees she has issues and imminently has to help her, save her, protect her and show her the correct way of his life style.

The relationship between these two was simply dynamic and deep. It was an emotional rollercoster of need that took my breathe away. A lot of stories similar to this come across as abusive or a male on a power trip..With Bonds of trust it simply wasn't the case. Lynda Aicher wrote this book beautifully it was a learning experience that really speaks to the reader.

We watch Kendra become secure in her wants and needs and grow as a person with the strength to face the demons that's kept her running for a year. We also see Deklan change with patience he didn't know he had and love in a way he didn't know he could.. Both people need something from each other, and the trust they delevop between them is something else.

The female characters may come across as weak at first but that's simply not true, they over come their own boundaries to go after want they want even if its not seen as the social norm. They fight for what they feel is important to them and don't give up.

The male characters are strong and there presence is noticed right away but they never abuse their power and for as big as they are there extremely caring and in tune to what there women need.

These characters you'll love and they will stay with you even after the last pages I highly recommend it and can't wait for book 3... One can only hope it's Seth and Allie!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

NetGalley Arc review -Addison Fox

Tempting Acquisitions  (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #1)Tempting Acquisitions by Addison Fox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was given the chance to read this as an arc from netgalley and really enjoyed it. I've never read a book by Addison Fox before but I'm happy to have found her!

This was book 1 In the boardrooms and Billionaires series, and I was excited by the title alone I love steamy office Romances!

This book is about Keira McBride who is running her family media company with her sisters. The company is so much more then a job to them it's who they are, their heritage.

They have worked incredibly hard in order to restore the company to its former glory after there father almost ran it into the ground. Only to enter Nathan a million dollar suit and the best corporate raider in the business world. The McBride sisters won't go down without a fight, but Kiera really didn't expect sparks to fly and a romance to kindle between her and the man trying to steal her empire.

Nathan is normally all about business but he has his own family issues being the Bastard child to one of the biggest players in the media world has always give him the drive to succeed and be heard in spite of his father.
The McBride company was just another deal until he meets the older sister running the show and the lines between his heart and his business deal becomes blurred.

This story flows really well and gets right into the thick of it right away which I liked. I enjoyed getting to know the dynamic personalities of each of the McBride women and can't wait to find out more. I enjoyed that they where powerhouse business women but didn't lose the femininity.

Nathan and Keira where more alike then they first thought, both harboring daddy issues.
I loved the sexy chemistry their relationship brought they were good for one another, they needed that personal element in their life, both living for their career before.

They are a great match and although they were fighting against each other in the office I loved that they separated that from there personal life and see each others qualities and good points.

This story did have its faults I felt rushed in parts like I needed to slow everything down just a bit. They needed more time to develop the relationship.

Having said that I really liked the characters and can't wait to meet them again in book 2. sometimes we need a little steamy office Romance!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday

Book 2 in the bonds of trust (wicked play) Series

Bonds of trust blew me away it was different and sexy and left me breathless! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for book 2

Book Description from Amazon
Publication Date: March 4, 2013
Book two of Wicked Play

When Kendra Morgan attends a party at an exclusive sex club, she's not driven by mere curiosity. Hoping to prove she's put the past behind her, Kendra must instead face up to needs she's denied for too long. Despite her lingering fears, she can't resist the temptation to play…

Deklan Winters has had his eye on his attractive neighbor for months, but only senses Kendra is no stranger to the BDSM scene when she walks into his club. And he can tell that's not her only secret. What surprises him is his own overwhelming desire to give her what she craves—and to show her a side to the Dom/sub relationship she's never known.

With Deklan's guidance, Kendra begins to accept her forbidden needs and to recognize the fine line between pleasure and pain. But when her former Master returns to reclaim her, it will take all her courage—and all of Deklan's love—to defy her past.

For more tales from The Den check out Bonds of Trust.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cover & sneak peek

I read this snippet and really liked it! Kimberly Pauley seems to have a great humor to her writing which I really like.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sneak peek

Myth: Vampires are anti-social creatures.

Truth: Hey, we’re as friendly as the next fanged bloodsucker.

I hate airports. Actually, I hate airport security. I especially hate that point where you have to empty your pockets of everything, step through some weird time-machine looking contraption, and smile politely or risk being frisked by total strangers. But mostly I hate the part where everyone takes off their shoes.

Having a vampire-ized supersniffer really, really, really sucks sometimes.

“Whew!” wheezes Uncle Mortie in my ear. “Do I sense a touch of brie there? Or some Camembert?” He elbows me and wiggles his eyebrows at a guy standing in front of us in purple and blue argyle socks with a hole in the heel.

“You’ve just got France on the brain,” I whisper back a lot more quietly. It’s not like it’s the guy’s fault we can smell his feet so clearly. “Besides, smells more like Fritos to me.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I detect a whiff of something cheesy,” says George, bumping me with his hip. I grin at him and tilt my head up for a quick kiss.

“Yeah, the two of you,” says Uncle Mortie, sniffing. “Total cheese, as you would say, Mina.”

“You’re just jealous,” I say, grinning at him. There’s no way Uncle Mortie is going to spoil my day. After all, I’m on the way to Paris, France,
city of love with my boyfriend.

Check more out about the author and other books in the series here:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines day Craft

Have you noticed how Valentines day has become so expensive these days..  can't help but feel its losing the true meaning. The gifts are becoming more expensive and the holiday in itself more corporate.

Yesterday I was at Walmart looking for a gift for my hubby from the kids.. I wanted a personal gift with meaning that didn't cost the earth.

And so we made this frame!! I really think its adorable

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Price Break down:

Frame - 97c
Heart - 57c
Sports stickers - $1
Monkey stickers - $1
Painter pen - $2.44
Paint -  97c

= $6.95

We also got a plastic tub for cookies!

= $1.47

A yummy and cute gift don't you think? I feel the love that's for sure and my pocket doesn't scream in pain.