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Monday, May 20, 2013

Diet and Health

So going back last year as you guys may know I was very much about health and fitness I got my weight down to 112lbs! But then life got in the way, winter came, dealing with the kids, problems at school and the death of my father Inlaw... I lost all motivation.

Recently I jumped on a scale and was so depressed I'd gained 12lbs in less then a year. And as you may know the number the scale shows isn't everything but I honestly wasn't feeling good about myself. My cerebral palsy was becoming more of an issue with leg and back pain and my IBS was out of control I couldn't go anywhere with out being near a bathroom I was miserable.

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So now I'm taking control and I didn't need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership! Tony Horton yes he is amazing and his P90X DVDs I've long been a fan of its not easy, it's not meant to be but you can do it!! I did make mistakes and don't complete everything...

But like Tony says " Do your best and forget the rest!"

I'm also using a Fitness pal app to help monitor my calories and I take Raspberry ketones before my meals to help me burn off fat quicker (totally natural)

I'd love to hear from you guys with tips etc maybe healthy dinner ideas

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