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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bam - I broke my arm

Just when I was starting to see some fitness results I fell which resulted in a fractured arm and multiple cuts and bruises. It's so frustrating I can't tell you how difficult it's been having to be a mommy with 2 young kids and the use of one arm.

To make matters worse its my arm/ hand I use for everything. The doctor says 3-4 weeks I really can't wait to get this thing off, that's why the blog as well as everything else has been slacking recently.

I'm still eating good and making changes in my diet that has had wonderful benefits.. Sometimes it's not all about the number on a scale but how YOU feel. My IBS that seemed to rule my life in the most uncomfortable Way the last few years is now under control for the most part. Right there is my motivation to keep trying!

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Kristina said...

Oh no :(

I hope you feel better soon!

Unknown said...

That looks unfortunate :( Hope this has not impeded your daily activities of late, or your profession, or what not. Neither should this be left to stand, and you be left in the wild with it. I can see how this infraction can slow you down, but that doesn't mean that society should slow down on you.

Unknown said...

Ouch! I hope there weren’t any further complications with that break and that you’re able to go back to work as soon as possible. It really sucks to have to stop midway when you’re already in a stride, doesn’t it? But in times like these, it would be best to just enjoy the days of rest that you’re given and try to organize your thoughts as to what you’re going to do the minute that cast is off.

– Kurtz & Blum

Unknown said...

Injuries are hard to manage, especially when you need to attend to two children. It can stop you from doing your house duties. I also hope that you didn't get any complications, bone fracture, and infections during that injury. It's been four months now, I hope your arm is already healed.

Allan Blott @

Lisa researching broken arm said...

Ouch. Hang in there.