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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Avery Aster Unscrupulous - author review- NetGalley

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2)Unscrupulous by Avery Aster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warner Truman came from a middle class background and now he's the third richest man in the world who made his money in the hotel and spa industry. After being conned by his ex fiancée he knows any woman who grabs his attention has to have her own money. When he meets Red the mysterious confident sexy talker who knows exactly what she wants just when things are heating up his conniving, manipulative ex shows up scaring her off.

You would think Taddy Brill had it easy being the daughter of a socialite family but that couldn't be further from the truth. As a child family life was cold raised by nannies and the household staff that's until her mother chooses her husband over her own daughter and drops Taddy off at boarding school never to return. Taddy learns from an early age not to depend on anybody and certainly not love as it only leads to hurt. Trouble is deep down she wants to be loved not that she would ever admit to that.

This book makes its mark that's for sure with a bang! You'll either love it or hate it because there is no apologies for these characters and who are.. which is.. Unscrupulous. Think sex in the city, gossip girl meets cruel intentions! Some of there actions are off the wall crazy lol but I loved it. They come across as snobby but really they are just victims of there own crazy upbringings.
its a defense mechanism, however when they trust somebody into the circle they have (Kiki) they are loyal to the end. I mean come on with a mother like Taddy's and Lex it's a wonder they even walk up right I'd be in the fetal position.

Each of the friends offer something to the mix and I loved that the author really developed each of the characters and personalities. I loved the dynamic chemistry between Taddy and Warner and the way he can calm her down so we can see the person she is behind the brash exterior and lip gloss. She really needed somebody like him to show her how things are meant to be.

My favorite part:

Taddy's show down with her mother was outrageous! But I drank in every word.

What I wish was different:

The chase although I love Taddy and Warner why did it take so long to get it together!

Final thought: A charismatic colorful plot with outrageously dynamic characters, the sex is steamy the writing is great (omg some of the sayings had me lmao) and the love well that touched my heart.

Did anybody else guess who Taddy's father maybe? ;)

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