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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MA Stacie Beneath the Surface bk 1 reluctance series

Beneath the Surface‏ (Reluctance, #1)Beneath the Surface‏ by M.A. Stacie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kyran Reese is a successful business man but he feels the pressure running a business with a incompetent brother and a strained relationship with his father he finds his release in the chalked circle of under ground boxing matches. He's a man in control always.. until his brother gets a new assistant and when she wobbles into Kyran's office on heels much to high his self control is but to the test he wants her even though he knows he shouldn't.

Dale is making a fresh start after getting cheated on by her boyfriend and ex best friend. She is the new assistant for Taylor Reese who is absent for the introduction so she's left with Kyran who is sexy as hell but also has a huge smart mouth she's attracted to him right away and wants him regardless of the lines she will cross.

Wow oh wow I can't thank netgalley enough for letting me review this title. It sucked me in from page 1 and I couldn't stop reading even if I'd wanted to!
These were two great characters.. Kyran was so complex you never would of thought this man in a business suit was an under ground tatted up boxer and dealing with so many family issues. I loved that he could be a complete ass but still sexy as heck and lovable, this man is hot!
And Dale was the perfect match for him she was no shrinking violet she met him toe to toe. Every witty remark and sarcastic element she met, even though she was afraid of her feelings she was brave enough to stand up for herself and what she wanted.
The chemistry is AMAZING!!
There are so many elements to the plot you can't help but fall in love. I laughed I cried and I definitely swooned.. great writing I'm hooked and need more!

Move over Christian Grey, Gideon Cross and Travis Maddox because Kyran Reese is making his mark as an eligible book boyfriend.

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Unknown said...

Ok, ok. I'm convinced. This sounds fun.

mastacie said...

HUGE thank you for this lovely review xxx

bookittyblog said...

I need to add this one to my TBR list ASAP! Great review!