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Monday, August 5, 2013

NetGalley - Alexia Haynes - Too Fast

Too FastToo Fast by Alexia Haynes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to netgalley for the chance to review 'Too Fast' a New Adult story where we meet Savannah a young woman who's on a mission, with two jobs and a full-time college schedule she doesn't have time to date. Not that she really wants a boyfriend her last relationship was an epic fail and watching her mother bounce from man to man like a cougar in heat can put you off for life..But a girl has needs so she looks for a one night stand but when she meets Luke she just can't seem to get enough.

Luke attends a party he wants to have a few hours away to himself, to be a normal 20 year old who can have a beer and talk to girls his age. Nobody can tell by looking at him he's raising his 15 year old sister and taking care of his mentally unstable mom while working 40 hour work shifts. Then he meets Savannah..

The sex is great, the chemistry is hot what's only meant to be a one night stand develops into something a lot more well.... Too fast!
There is a lot of sex in this book and I have to admit I was kind of surprised. To the point where I have to be honest I felt it was to much.. the room mate is a total scank with a different guy every night. The mother's of both characters are ho bags and even the younger characters where at it!! Sex over load and probably not needed.

Having said that I loved the lesson of the story. I enjoyed the developing relationship between Luke and Savannah. The gentle nature, being there for each other and the maturity of these two. They dealt with Issues many people their age wouldn't and I can see why Savannah fell in love with Luke because I did also!
Anybody who liked Jamie McGuire walking disaster will eat up Luke in this book so move over Travis.

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Unknown said...

Lots of sex? well, sign me up!! Lol.