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Friday, August 9, 2013

Our visit to the Crayola Experience

I'm sure it's not just my family that's been here there and everywhere this summer! It's all about keeping those kids entertained and happy lol.
I decided we where going to visit the Crayola Experience in Easton PA I was pretty excited about it too because we had never been before and who doesn't love Crayola!

It's $16 a person but if you go on the website and pre buy your tickets it works out at $15 a person. When you get there they give you a bag each to carry all your creations and art that you make. They also give you 3 tokens these are for maker making, crayon wrapper making or model magic. You can buy more tokens if you so wish and at 50 cent a token it's pretty inexpensive.

I was impressed with how much they had to do.. Crayon wrapper making like who doesn't want to name a crayon! Maker making, water play, wax art, drip art, model clay making and much more the kids where thrilled and entertained for about 4 hours.

My personal favorite was the movie theatre we got to see the process of how our favorite crayons are made. It was a fun learning experience..

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So as a parent I love coming across new products and this visit I found out about model magic which is similar to play doh but not the same. I have to admit I hate play doh.. it makes a mess it gets stuck everywhere and so when my kids wanted to play with this "model magic" I could her horror music going through my head lol.

Boy was I wrong it's so much easier to manage it doesn't get all over the place it was easy to store and clean away. My kids who are 2 and 6 where so impressed as was I... So much so I wanted to share with my fellow play-doh adverse parents :) I can't wait to come across and try more of there products.

Needless to say the Crayola Experience was a big hit.

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"This blog post was based on my personal experience and opinions yours may differ"

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