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Friday, August 9, 2013

Regina Duke The wedding Hazard

The Wedding Hazard  (Colorado Billionaires)The Wedding Hazard by Regina Duke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank you to netgalley for giving me the chance to review Regina Duke - The Hazard wedding.

Ashley has just spent the last year of her life taking care of her father who passed away due to cancer. Now she's on a mission to find her mother a woman she has had no contact with since the age of nine. Her mother suffered mental illness and she has no nice memories of her. Which makes returning to her childhood home a stressful and trying experience. Upon her arrival she finds her mother missing and a note telling her to run and fast. Scared out of her mind she seeks security and finds Thor Garrison.

Thor a one time fireman is starting a fresh from his past and the history that haunts his dreams. The son of a oil tycoon he still wants to make his own way and so opened a security company. When Ashley walks into his office he knows he has to help her even though she has no money to pay for his service... until Ashley suggests she pretends to be his fiancee in order to keep his meddling mother of his back about marrying her friends daughter Brittany Beth.

I'm in two minds about this book I really enjoyed the plot and I even loved the main two characters Ashley was witty caring and fast thinking while Thor was a gentleman, intelligent and all round good person. The interaction between the two was enjoyable however there were certain things I just couldn't get past...

Brittany Beth who on earth would deal with this horrible woman just popping up when ever she felt like it! Thor Is a grown man why would he deal with this unnecessary drama? In life would this woman get away with all of her antics.

I also couldn't get past this strong strapping man calling his father daddy. It might not seem like a big deal and it might be just me, but it bothered me so much!
And I couldn't help but feel there was many unanswered questions in regards to Ashley's mom.

All in all I enjoyed the read but I didn't love it there was just too many things that bothered me a little to much.

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