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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fitness: Weslo Cross Cycle

Weslo cross cycle

As everybody is aware I do try to work out and stay reasonably healthy. I've been wanting some sort of in home equipment for a while. Have you ever researched this? It can be pretty overwhelming and prices can be crazy. In the past I have had steppers and elliptical machines but they have always been big and bulky, living in an apartment this was a huge no no.

When I came across the Weslo Cross Cycle I liked it for several reasons:

It's small and it really is! Being only 5ft2 there was no issue with me using this machine and it takes up the smallest amount of space in my room.
It was only $90 at Walmart I really couldn't justify spending $300 on a machine that might become a clothes rack in a week. I wanted something simple that could give me a work out and that's what I got.
There is also a dial you can turn to adjust the intensity.
When I jumped on this bike you can feel yourself get a work out!

The down side

The resistance strap is made of nylon when I contacted the company about a replacement they said they didn't service this can you not offer a replacement for a bike you make? I really wasn't impressed with the customer service.

I'm pretty sure the calorie counter isn't accurate I mean I'm pretty sure I can't burn 80 calories in 3 minutes as much as I'd love that to be the case.

All in all:

Don't buy this machine excepting $300 quality because it's just not there.
What I will advise is if you do buy this machine from the likes of walmart get the extended warranty it's only $9 for two years and in that time you can return your machine if something should go wrong. That way you will still get value for money... you do get a work out that's simple and straight forward, I'm able to work up a sweat. But don't use the calorie counter as gospel because personally I think it's way off.

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