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Friday, September 13, 2013

Petsmart ordeal

We wanted a pet for my two young children and thought parakeets would be awesome since we live in an apartment. 

We went to the store and picked out two Parakeets a blue and a green. The store staff had me purchase all this stuff that the birds "had to have" and I did so happily. 

I asked the staff so many times these are healthy birds right? Because I don't want to have to explain to my young children if one of the should pass in a week or so... No no these birds are checked you will be fine! I was assured. 

Even though they had me sign paperwork stating in rare cases this may happen... No no it's just a formality it never happens.

Low and behold 9 days after I bought the birds on my birthday no less the green parakeet is lying on the bottom of the cage dead. I was horrified my children just lost there grandfather they didn't need this kind of upset. I tell my kids the bird is sick and mommy is taking him the doctor.

I head to pet smart and explain the situation.. So what do you want? well as my bird has a 14 day warranty I want a twin replacement because I don't want to have to explain this to my children!

 Ok I got the new bird but I'm all about questions... Do you know why the bird died?  Will my family get sick? Is it likely the other bird will get sick? The staff couldn't answer any of my questions.. I mean shouldn't they have some knowledge being they care and tend to these animals?

My faith in Petsmart right now is rocky at best this was not what I was excepting at all from them.


Bellissima said...

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Unknown said...

:( Ugh. That sucks, hun. I hope this one fares better.