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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rachel Schurig - Escape In you

Escape In YouEscape In You by Rachel Schurig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was given Escape in you as an ARC via Netgalley for a honest review.

Zoe is a party girl who drinks to hide her sadness, she has sex to forget her pain but never gets attached. She can't afford to get attached she has a mother with a mental illness sitting at home waiting for her return. She had big dreams of going away to school, leaving her town and living her own life..None of that can happen now and instead she just feels trapped. The roles are reversed everything she does has to be with her mother in mind.

Jet used to be the All star popular rich boy until his brother died and he has never forgiven himself, neither has his alcoholic mother who likes to remind himself daily of how much of a failure he is..He drinks, he fights and he has sex with countless women to forget the hurt until one night at yet another summer party he sets eyes on Zoe and he knows their is something about her he has to get to know.

This is definitely a New Adult read, sometimes I hate giving a star rating because people just look at that and form an opinion. Escape in you was a great read full of emotional angst. Jet and Zoe both deal with very sad dark issues and its touching to see them find solace in one another. You can't help but want the best for them! Rachel Schurig wrote a great plot with very likable characters.

The reason for the 3 stars is because I feel like at times I was reading about high school kids. These where grown adults in there 20's lord at 21 I was pregnant with my first born but these characters are still hanging out at the playground. As much as I enjoyed the story and the characters, the plot, the chemistry I felt it hard to over look this one element.

will I read more? You bet ya! I really hope there are more books I would love to read a book focused on Fred and Ellie maybe he could tame that wild chick lol.

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