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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who are we to Judge others?


So I recently read an article by a blogger / writer who stated "she looks down on young married women and young women with small children"
She goes on to say how she feels many different things in a woman's life should be set as a "life event" or achievement not just getting married or making babies... which is true to an existent, many area's of a woman's life should be celebrated. What I have a hard time dealing with is the judgment of this woman I mean she goes on to say having a baby and getting married are not achievements anybody can do it.

I can not tolerate this woman and her judging ways, I've been on both sides of the fence. I went to school and studied sociology, I travelled and lived in other parts of the world.. I also had a awesome job that allowed me to do all those things. I made a choice to get married and have both my children young, both my kids where planned.
I have experienced the looks and comments of how SAHM's are lazy and the sort or how this young mom must of got "knocked up"
I made a choice to stay at home with my children and to raise them I could easy go back to work once they go to school..That will always be there, however my children's early years will not.

MANY women would love to stay at home with there kids given the chance, and chose not to for there own reasons.. that's fine who are we to discredit another? 
We should celebrate the corporate woman, the working mom, the single mom or the stay at home mom! We should celebrate what we do period of whether its a different path to yours.

Ms Amy while I agree, their are many accomplishments in a woman's life I disagree with your judgmental views... being a young mom does not make you uneducated or lacking. Furthermore not every woman can be a mother and raise her children if this was the case dyfs and foster systems would not exist and it is far from easy keeping a family going when you have to think of others from sun up to sun down.

All's I see you try to accomplish with this article which I do find truly offensive is to cause more of a divide between women, which I'm sick of honestly while in fact we should just support each other.
If you really feel the need to bash on a certain type of person maybe the first line in your twitter bio shouldn't state your a woman with  "commitment issues"

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