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Saturday, February 22, 2014

HM WARD - Stripped 1 (Jon Ferro)

Stripped (Stripped, #1)Stripped by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found myself just having to read Stripped, after falling in love with Sean, Peter and Bryan I had to give the youngest and wildest Ferro a chance!

Ever wonder what events happen in a person's life for them to act the way they do? Stripped gives us an inside look into Jon and Cassie's history.

This couple met years before as teenagers, Jon being Jon got shipped to his uncle for the summer to think about his crazy ways. He doesn't fit into the dutiful son mold his mother would like.

Cassie is a virgin who is waiting for marriage, Jon is intrigued by this nobody turns down Jon Ferro but she does and because of this Jon keeps coming back to visit his new found friend who quickly becomes his best friend.

But when a misunderstanding rips them apart both are left heart broken and have no further contact.
So you can imagine Jon's shock at when throwing a bachelor party for his brother years later the Dancer/ stripper happens to be his childhood friend, the woman who broke his heart.

The Cassie he knows would never be a dancer.. He has to find out what took Cassie down this road, and even though he shouldn't feel anything for this woman he wants to save her.

In love with these characters!! Jon on the surface seems a fun guy when in reality he uses his behavior to hide behind. His family is crazy and he's been catching the eye of his father's girlfriends since boyhood. This man has many emotional scars and is most definitely misunderstood.

Cassie wanted a fairy tale and got an abusive husband, its heartbreaking to read of her emotions, her shame when she realizes Jon the past love of her young life is watching her.
The fierceness of his actions in order to keep her safe made for great reading I ate up every word.

Jon is just as yummy as his brothers, and what I love about the Ferro family stories is they all interlock with events from each book, we get to see our favorite characters again and again!

H.M Ward is an amazing author with well developed characters and a very descriptive events. I loved going between the past and currant times of Jon and Cassie to enjoy a deeper understanding of their history.

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